It’s food revolution omelet week!

Omelets are great. Cheap to make and much more impressive looking than the effort they take. (See video below.) The best part being that you can customize them to any personal tastes. The twitter competition was proof of that, here’s a link to some of the outstanding combinations: YUM

Omelets make a great dinner, but really are a weekend breakfast food for my household. It’s just a bit more time and effort than I can handle on a work day morning…actually, making my own coffee is too much for me in the morning, I’m just not a gracious riser.

My personal favourite is spinach, sun dried tomato and feta, my sweetie likes ham and cheddar, but this morning I woke up and REALLY wanted French toast. Not a great idea for a couple of reasons; I wanted to make the omelets for the recipe of the week and French toast is way too much sugar, carbs and fat for me.

As I was making up the ham and cheddar one for my sweetie, it occurred to me that French toast is just bread soaked in an egg mixture. Inspiration!! So I added a splash of vanilla and a splash of maple extracts to the raw eggs, chopped up two strips of the bacon I’d already prepared and added them to the pan with a drizzle of real maple syrup. It smelled amazing while it was cooking and was ridiculously delicious. The “French Toast Omelet” is definitely one to do again.

"French Toast Omelet" with maple bacon, fresh tomato and cucumber


Ham and cheddar omelete with maple bacon, fresh tomato and cucumber