It’s been almost seven years but I finally went out and bought myself some new kicks! (Apparently “kicks” means shoes. It’s hip, like the kids say!)

After my other overly-sentimental post about my gross old sneakers, it seemed appropriate to mention that this enormous transition had finally been made, but I promise I won’t make a habit of posting about my shoes.

Still can’t bring myself to throw them out though. I feel like I should get them one of those glass trophy boxes that people keep game-winning footballs in, or something.

In other news, The Baroness Knows Best has finally been updated! Thanks so much for sending in your questions and please, keep them coming! I’ve just started formatting the next Promises Promises book (yes!) and the advice column was such a fun feature of the first one, (Starting Tomorrow – available in the Promises Shop) I’d like to make it an ongoing thing.