First, let me say thanks to everyone for the comments and email. I was extremely touched by your concern for the girls; it’s amazing to know they’ve made such a connection. Yesterday’s comic generated a lot more response than I was expecting.

Without dropping spoilers, and in answer to one very kind and worried email, there are some big changes ahead but no, I’m not ending Promises Promises.

In two weeks, I will officially be into my fourth year of posting comics, and production on the second book is well under way. I’m very pleased about these milestones, but looking ahead; keeping things entertaining for all of us is going to start to take a bit more than fat and fart jokes (Oh, there will still be fat and fart jokes, just coming from new stories and deeper characters). In addition to some new faces, I want to give the existing characters some more depth, back stories, relationships, phobias, hang-ups, etc. It’s really been bothering me that none of the gym members have names yet, other than the Baroness, and even that’s a nickname. Clearly, there’s a lot of new foundation to be set and it seemed only fair to level the playing field a bit.

Hopefully, this will all add up to significant growth for them and me.