I finally got a chance to sort through the replies to the Promises Shop Merch Survey and thought y’all might want to see the results.

There were a few specific requests and recommendations that I’ll do my best to accommodate. E-Books were one that really surprised me. I had taken the Starting Tomorrow E-Book down last year because it seemed nobody was interested. I guess more of us have tablets now, so I’ll have a look at the original file and see about putting it back up in the shop with the next book.

Someone asked if I would sell or recommend workout gear and/or tools. Sorry, but other than the customized yoga mats, (which I’m happy to do, just send me an email for a quote) I have to go with a resounding “no” on that. The mats I use for commissions are the same ones that I use myself, (Barefoot Yoga, Hybrid Eco Mats, 24″ x 68″ x 0.15) the inks are non-toxic and have been thoroughly tested by me and a pro-trainer friend of mine, so it’s a product I’m familiar enough with to get behind. But I’m not a fitness pro and really shouldn’t be talking about equipment I don’t know enough about. That said, what I will do is make a point of touching base with my friends who are fitness pros and see about getting them to do some reviews and make some recommendations.

For those looking for holiday cards, I actually do have some up for sale in my Etsy Shop. It’s a series I call “Holiday Monsters”, I will make a point of getting some Promises Promises themed ones up there ASAP.

Lastly, if anyone knows where/how to go about building smart-phone apps or could suggest some reading material on the subject, I’d appreciate it. Since I started working from home I cancelled my Blackberry network access and don’t actually use apps myself so getting one started is going to take a bit of research.

Thanks again to everyone who participated.


Promises Shop Merch Survey – Results