I’m very pleased to announce; Promises Promises has joined the Comics Chameleon stable!

If you’re unfamiliar with Comics Chameleon, it’s an online syndicate/collective of terrific webcomics. (I’m not just braggin’ when I say that, it really is a thrill to be in such good company). What’s particularly special about Comics Chameleon is that it’s not just another “opportunity for exposure”. The cartoonists are actually getting paid a nice chunk of the ad revenue, which goes a long way to keeping us afloat and creating the content you like. And for all you iPhone users; there’s a FREE, yes FREE app that has some great features for making mobile reading easier.

There will be releases for other mobile platforms but we’ve got to keep it growing to make that happen.

Speaking of keeping things growing, you may have noticed my Patreon button in the sidebar. Patreon is a bit like Kickstarter and other crowd funding services, but rather than collecting one big lump sum, it lets fans become patrons of their favorite creators, basically by a monthly subscription. When you pledge, I receive the amount you specify at the end of every month. However, unlike traditional subscription services, you may change or cancel your pledge at any time. The amount you pledge is completely up to you, and every little bit is appreciated.

That said, Patreon is not a straight-up mooch. In addition to keeping Promises running smoothly, I’ll be uploading lots of extra-special, backer rewards! Each month I will be posting as much exclusive, extra and behind-the-scenes content as I can. Things like early comics in progress, development sketches, google hang outs and live drawing sessions!patreon-banner

Click the orange button for details and to become a patron of Promises Promises!