“Fat-free frozen yogurt”.

That is one of my favourite diet-food traps. The secret is pretty much out, but in most cases, these “yogurts” are so full of sugar it pretty much negates any benefits of being low-fat. This is why I love these serve-yourself frozen yogurt places that are popping up everywhere. I can have a little wee bit without killing my diet…or at least that’s the plan when I go in there. What ends up happening is I take a little wee bit, then decide a little wee bit of another flavour is a really good idea, then maybe one more, then hit the toppings.


Some token fruit usually makes it in there, but my low-fat treat becomes a 500 cal, diet buster pretty quickly. (That’s why my friend, Karen and I went there for lunch instead!)

I have found one place that’s really worth checking out called Chil. They specialize in Greek frozen yogurt. It’s really tasty, filling (so you really can’t eat a lot in one sitting), and not bad for you, as far as treats go.  It’s all certified organic, fat-free, sweetened with fair trade raw organic cane juice and is surprisingly low-calorie (at least before I get into the toppings anyway).