It’s been a little over three weeks since my last comic post. That plague I picked up just before Christmas turned into a pretty unpleasant bout of Pneumonia. I’m only starting to clear the fog out of my head and get my energy back a bit. It will still be a few weeks before I’m back to the gym so I hope nobody minds that there will likely be less exercise-comics (or at least high-energy ones) until then.

The timing on this hiatus couldn’t possibly have been worse for a comic like Promise Promises. New Year’s resolutions are huge inspiration for my kind of content. On the up side though, I just read that the third week of January is when most people start slipping off the resolution wagon so here’s hoping we can all jump back on it with a bit of humour together.

I wanted to say another big thank-you to Brian, Denver and Ted for helping me out with the guest comics. You guys clearly put a lot of time and effort into those and I really appreciate it. It was a huge relief to me that the site wasn’t down completely and I hope I can return the favour some day.

I also have to give a shout out to the staff, especially the nurses at University Hospital here in London. They were amazing, I honestly don’t know how they do those jobs let alone keep it together so well. There were people in the ER when I checked in that I would have smacked and sent home for being mean, rude or just hypochondriacs. One guy beside me was blasting this poor doctor because he couldn’t do anything about a tooth ache. Tooth ache? Dude went to emergency with a tooth ache? How about I punch you in the mouth then you can go see a dentist? Jerk. But, not to dwell on the negative, they took excellent care of me and I’m grateful for their help.

Oh! Incidentally, that switching hands while snacking thing I wrote about in today’s comic actually works.