This weekend I started a little fall site-clean up. Big thanks to Matt over at Robot Beach for the tutorial. I now have the snazzy new contact buttons on the right sidebar! YAY! Somewhere in the process I mucked up my code so the sidebars are all stunted like that, and if anybody knows how to fix it, please drop me a line. The learning curve on HTML code is uphill…and sandy. But, never to be defeated, I have figured out some other fun stuff, I’m working on my own navigation buttons and there will be bragging when I get that figured out. OH! and I found out that by adding the contact buttons and taking out the Flash Facebook and Twitter feeds, I can now see the comics on my Blackberry again. HA! (I’m actually really embarrassed to admit how long it took me to find out that was the problem.)

In keeping with the theme of trying something new I found this today: Comics Go Pink. What a great idea. A show of awareness backed by a pretty generous fund-raiser. This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving so I don’t know if I’ll have time to scratch together a little something extra-special for Sunday, but I’m going to make the effort. I’m not fund-raising for it, but I do think it’s important, (and fun) to back stuff like this.

save the boobies!