I was looking up September to see what kind of national-whatever it is that we’re supposed to be aware of this month. It’s pretty full, but the stand out for me was that it’s “National Yoga Awareness Month” (that may translate into being national fart joke month on this site). Apparently it’s also “International Square Dance Month”, but I’m having a hard time picturing the girls at a Hoe Down. Then again, that could be my contribution to “National Self Improvement Month”.

Speaking of self improvement, there was a great post about motivation on one of the Spark People blogs this week that I wanted to share. The Mystery of Motivation.

It’s a good read. The idea is that what we feed grows. Feed your bad habits, and you will perpetuate a negative cycle, feed your good habits and find yourself wanting to continue to do so. Either way, there’s some kind of reward or we wouldn’t do it but one certainly has longer term benefits over the other.

On that note, I will be off to the gym and then preparing a wholesome healthy dinner as it is also “National Chicken and Rice Month”.