Made the trek up to Toronto last Saturday to check out the Tea Festival with my friend, Victoria. I was hoping to do a big long post on the health benefits of tea, (which I’ve been meaning to do for a while), but thanks to Old Man Winter, we got there much later than I’d hoped, and I missed the Tea & Health lecture.

Bummer, but fortunately, Karla posted this handy reference (on the right), to tumblr, that pretty much sums it up…I’ll have to take her word on the cat one.

It was a good show. I can see it getting exponentially bigger every year. (Tea drinkers are a remarkably dedicated lot.) In addition to an incredible variety of tea for sale, they had cultural events, lectures, tea ceremony demonstrations and samples everywhere. (I’d bet the washrooms at the reference library rarely see that much traffic.)

It was pretty crowded so I only took a handful of photos and they don’t really do it justice. I’m already looking forward to next year.

Correction, (09/02/2013):
I got an email today clairifying a mistake I had made. The instrument in the photo above, is a Chinese Guzheng, not a Japanese Koto. Also, the costume Sunshine was wearing is a traditional Chinese costume called Hanfu.

Many apologies for the misunderstanding and thanks for letting me know.