Catching up on Fit Bottomed Girls (FBG) today, I was reminded that we’re only a week away from American Thanksgiving! After that, all hell breaks loose and we’re officially into the holiday season.

FBG always has great advice when it comes to keeping out of temptation’s way and they’ve just posted 17 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain.  It’s pretty standard stuff for those of us who have been around the diet block a few times; learn to say no, get enough sleep, plan a family physical activity, etc. But, still worth a read and number three really hit home for me. It’s one I have to make a point of keeping in mind so I figured it was worth sharing.

3. Remember that the holidays themselves, which are really only three to four days, are the special occasions where you can treat yourself. The entire holiday season, which lasts months, isn’t a free pass.

The next trick will be keeping the PC Candy Cane, Chocolate Fudge Crackle ice cream out of my freezer.