Still remiss in my comic catch up, but had this awesome bit of inspiration to share.

My friend Frances has been working her butt of (literally) for months and has really turned her lifestyle around.  She told her story to A site I was unfamiliar with until she sent me the link but will have to spend more time there.  It’s got a lot of really great information and it’s a lot like how I’ve been imagining growing the promises site.

I’m pretty glib in the strip about exercise.  Truthfully, I write about going to the gym because that is where I spend most of my spare time.  I’m not a trainer, I don’t work in a gym, I’m just a person with a slacker-metabolism who’s been struggling with weight all my life. Consequently, I see the humour in it, which works for me, but I do think it’s important to stay healthy and active, even when I’m only in the first 6 minutes of my hour on the treadmill and I’d rather be at home on the couch with my head in a bucket of Haagen Dazs.

Did I say Haagen Dazs? I meant celery…yeah.

I digress.

Here is the link to Frances’ story: Yowza!

I hope you find it as inspiring as I do. She lost 122lbs, broke out of depression and is gearing up for a new career.  She looks phenomenal, more importantly, she’s happy and healthy.

Here are her before and after pics:

Congratulations Frances!