Weekend Weigh – In


What needs work – Getting back on track

Well, obviously the last of the holiday cheating caught up with me and it’s time to get serious about my efforts again.  It’s a good time to remind myself about what works:

  • Tracking – writing down what I eat and adding up the calories honestly.
  • Activity – I’m at my best when I make at least 3 visits a week to the gym.
  • Protein and greens – Filling up on the foods that process slowly, cleanly and keep me satisfied the longest.
  • Water – It is a dry time of year and if a body isn’t getting enough water it leads to weariness, food cravings and water retention.
  • Affirmation – Make positive observations about how I’m feeling when I am on track and celebrate the little achievements along the way.

The other big thing to focus on now is not to get discouraged and get the; “oh well, damage is done now, what’s one more going to hurt?” which I have done SO many times in the past.  I know I let my discipline lapse, and falling off the wagon is certainly more fun than getting back on it, but I feel so much better when I am, it’s really worth it.

What worked – Reigning in and keeping perspective

On the bright side, 1.2lbs gained is not impossible to recover from quickly and lord knows it is certainly not the worst I’ve ever done over the holidays.  I may not have been at my tip-top discipline, but I slowed down and stopped a lot sooner than I would have in the past.  I even made it to the gym a couple of times when I would have enjoyed a nap much more.These are definitely skills that I will have to continue to develop in 2010.

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