What Worked – Eyes On The Prize!

I had a particularly good week.  Not just diet-wise, but all around.  Busy, focused, and I have to share a little boast-worthy personal achievement; this week I finally made my 5k in an hour run!  I can’t even describe how fantastic it felt to see that last kilometer roll over.


It got me to thinking about how having a goal, especially little goals, can completely change your situational perspective.  Last week, when I was making 4.5-4.9k, it was giving me a Little-Engine-That-Could vibe.  I knew I was SO close and the next one could be THE one.  Although it was only 5k, and I know that now I have to get to work on the next milestone if I’m going to be able to to a full 10k, that little victory kept 4.9 from being a negative, (“just missed it”) to a very big motivator to get to the gym again.  The more you do, the more you want to do.  Personally, I believe that kind of positive energy creeps into every aspect of daily life once you get it started.

What Needs Work – Snack Track

As I mentioned before, this week was super busy.  Business often translates into making short cuts to accommodate schedules.  For me, these short cuts usually come out of my diet.  Instead of preparing meals and salads, I grab a fist full of something so I can get out the door. Or worse, skipping meals and having an extra cookie. (Bad, BAD habit and very slippery slope.)  So, while I had the time this weekend I cut up veggies for sticks and packed them into portable tupperware for a grab n’ go, cut up and baked an eggplant and a spaghetti-squash to have for quick-heat suppers (both delicious with a scoop of meat sauce.) and made a container of yogurt to have with frozen fruit for breakfast shakes. (I make my own yogurt because I find most store-bought yogurt has WAY too much sugar for me and it’s easier for me to control this way.)  This all sounds like a lot now that I see it written down, but really it didn’t take more than a couple of hours and a little prep goes a long way.