What Worked – Suck It Up, Cupcake!

This past week was all about getting back on the activity wagon.  Took a bit of ramping up too.  Now that I’m nearing the week’s end, I’m back up to to the comfort level I was in before my lax week with the dog.

The other thing that took a bit more ramp-up than I’d like was getting my eating and water re-balanced.  I’d been hitting the snacks and skipping meals as I mentioned and doing that leads to uncomfortable cravings between meals.  Not much to do about that other than have some green tea and suck it up.  The veggies I keep chopped up in the fridge helped too.  If I HAD to snack, at least I could make a better choice easily.

What To Work On – Plateau Oh-No

This week’s weigh in actually scared me a bit.  One thing that is common and incredibly frustrating to anyone trying to lose weight is hitting plateaus.  It happens to all of us.  There are lots of reasons this can happen even when we’ve been good, water retention, hormones, muscle mass, heck even the tides for all I know!

The weight I’ve dropped to now is pretty close to the weight that I was in college and it’s not unusual to hit a plateau when you reach a weight that your body is used to.  Knowing that, I have to be prepared to be patient and push through.  Get some extra activity, lots of water, watch the salt and power on the greens and lean protein… Most importantly, not fall into the “well it’s not working anyway” snack-trap.

Besides, staying focused for my own good is one thing, but my diet buddy is rocking her scales and kicking my butt numbers-wise.  I can’t let that happen.