The first Toronto Wizard World show is officially wrapped up and although I can’t say it will go down as one of my favourites, we had a good time and as always, met some awesome people.  We’ve been really lucky, every convention Brian and I have worked together we’ve always had great neighbours.  This year I was sitting next to a pulp/horror comic artist out of Milwaukee,  Mike Hoffman.  Incredible talent and a super nice guy.  He did a drawing of Doc Savage for me that I’m absolutely delighted with, definitely one for framing.

I got to have a nice long chat with Gail Simone, one of my favourite writers and all around classy lady, (I love her hair).  She’s going back to Birds Of Prey this year and I am looking forward to that enormously, she is great with those characters.

Brian picked up a copy of The Hunter, illustrated by Darwyn Cooke.  I’m a big Cooke fan, but this was phenomenal.  Beautiful book, excellent piece of work, I couldn’t put it down.  Speaking of phenomenal books, Brian’s latest, Don River did very well at the show and even received a personal endorsement from “Hacksaw” Jim Duggen!  It was a big highlight of the show for both of us.  He actually made a point of coming back and telling Brian how much he liked it.  I think that’s the closest I will ever come to seeing Brian go “squee”.

Don River Heyyy-ohh!

Don River Heyyy-ohh!

I will post more pics from the show on the Promises Facebook page, but this one is just too cute not to share.

Cpt. Cutie

The costumes are always my favourite part of convention weekends, little kids in particular because they’re usually so few and far between, but this show was very kid-centric.  Lots of little Spider-men and Wolverines, but the Captain America with the curls and the Barbie sneakers definitely stole the show.

One of the great things about a show or convention of any kind is that it draws out the enthusiasts.  Enthusiasts  generally come with a really entertaining set of stereotypes.  While we certainly have our share of Sheldon Coopers, the Motorcycle Show that was also on at Exhibition Place had their share of large, hairy, leather-clad, Harley-people too.  It was way more entertaining to watch the inter-mingling than it really should have been, but it inspired this little Saturday morning warm-up doodle.

My handwriting is terrible so if you can’t read the caption it says, “I don’t think they wanna play “Magic” with us.   If you’re not familiar with “Magic The Gathering”, it’s a fantasy card game and I will save you hundreds of dollars by saying no more than that as it is horribly addictive once you get started.