Last weekend I had to redo my first aid and CPR certification. Like a dummy, I let it expire and I need it if I want to keep teaching. Not that I object to that. Having some idea how to handle an emergency is definitely a good thing when you’re outnumbered by tiny humans who enjoy eating things that aren’t food and sticking strange things into stranger places (outlets, noses, you name it).

As luck would have it, my friend Claire happens to be a CPR instructor. A darn good one too and I really enjoyed the class. She covered a load of information that previous instructors I’ve worked with had omitted and there was a lot that changed (or that I’d flat-out forgotten) in the years since I last took the course.

The basic Red Cross first aid and CPR certification is a two-day course, which seems a little time consuming, but there’s a lot to cover and it’s all so worthwhile to have that it’s a pretty small investment in the long term. And if you’re looking for a good one in south-western Ontario, I can’t recomend Well Life CPR Services enough.