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The Promises Promises website is now closed. Comics are still available on Comics Chamelion and Go Comics. Books, and ebooks are still available in the Promises Shop. Thanks to everyone who supported Promises Promises over the years! Check out J.R. Faulkner's latest...

Book launch at SPCS

Hello again all! We coming up on the Sarnia Pop Culture show (April 15th) and I'm delighted to once again be a part of it! This year will be extra-special; I'm thrilled to announce the third Promises Promises collection, Starting Right After the Holidays will launch...

First Appearances of 2016

The new year is already off to a great start! I'm still locking-down appearances, but so far I'll be in Windsor and Michigan in February and I got the word that I've been accepted to TCAF 2016! Very exciting for me as it's been a few years since my last exhibit there...

Clearance Sale (sort of)

As we've all been hearing, the prediction for 2016 is that prices will be rising all over and unfortunately, I seem to be no exception. Costs in production and shipping went up a shocking amount last year so I have to hike up my rates, (sorry about that), but the good...

Go-go GoComics

I am very pleased to announce Promises Promises is now a member of the GoComics stable! Welcome new GoComics readers (and if you've been here before, it's nice to see you again). I've started posting comics from early in the archives there to give our new friends a...

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Starting Right After the Holidays

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