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The Taz Show FM96

Busy morning for me! A little while ago I did some caricatures for my favourite morning radio show hosts. Today they invited me in to talk cartoons. Had a great time and Taz, Jim and Sherrie are really nice, but I have to admit, I feel deeply mislead by WKRP In...

Well Life CPR

Last weekend I had to redo my first aid and CPR certification. Like a dummy, I let it expire and I need it if I want to keep teaching. Not that I object to that. Having some idea how to handle an emergency is definitely a good thing when you're outnumbered by tiny...

Fall On Me Guest Strip

Big news in the webcomics community today! My friend, Adriana who does the strip, Fall On Me had a beautiful, eight pound, healthy, baby girl, called Olivia! Both Mom and baby are doing great (and Dad looks positively chuffed in the photos too). A million...

Warrior Dash Weekend

We have arrived in beautiful Barrie for the big Warrior Dash, tomorrow! I've been a little less diligent in my training than I probably should have  so I don't expect to be setting any records... In fact,  here's hoping I survive this thing. Wish me luck! If nothing...

Live Draw Tonight!

As promised, there will be another patrons' exclusive, live draw, tonight!* My friend, Joel has been helping me learn the livestream ropes so with any luck this one will be audio-glitch free**. Patrons can join me on livestream at 8:30EDT for drawing and chatting....

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